Monday, February 11, 2013

National Libraries Day 2013

Keith, the friendly face of Penhill Library

As the Swindon Advertiser broke the sorry news of library cuts across the town, what were the staff up to? Despite the demoralising process of restructuring, the third time in as many years, library staff rolled up their sleeves and treated visitors to a super National Libraries Day.

Among the treats on offer at Central Library were mulled wine and music and for the youngsters storytime included a visit from Phil Voller from Wings over Wiltshire who brought along a special guest - an owl!

At Liden Library the lucky winners of February's prize draw will be treated to a meal for two at the Liden Arms while craft materials are on offer to young prize winners.

And at Penhill, Neighbourhood Library Manager Leah pulled out all the stops to celebrate the day.  Her project to record local reminiscences included a contribution from two local residents who shared their memories of more than 50 years of borrowing books at Penhill Library.  Retired library assistant Rita introduced Beatrice who she joined to the Penhill branch as an eleven year old girl.

Visitors were treated to a slideshow of Penhill under construction in the 1950s.  Unique Ordnance Survey photographs show a man with a stick recording various points across the newly built streets where cows still graze in the background.

So how did you celebrate National Libraries Day?

Penhill Library 40th celebrations

A Man With A Stick 

Neighbourhood Library Manager Leah gets to grips with a Man With A Stick

Rita (l)  retired library assistant, and Beatrice (r) the little girl she joined to Penhill Library as an  eleven year old

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