Friday, October 21, 2016

WSPU Drum and Fife Band

This weekend we will be revealing our poster for the Women’s Exhibition and Craft Sale and in the Votes for Women newspaper published on April 2, 1909 the WSPU were doing the same.

‘A preliminary poster is being prepared, and will be ready as soon as this week’s Votes for Women is in the hands of the readers. The poster, which is 40 ins by 30 ins, is being printed in the colours, and will, it is hoped, be found very useful. Will all who are working for the Exhibition, or who are interested in it in any way, write for a supply of these posters in order that they may be exhibited wherever possible to make the Exhibition known. As this is a preliminary poster, it is important to get it out quickly.’

‘In connection with the WSPU, a drum and fife band has been recently organised. The services of an instructor have been secured and about twenty members are in training. There is still room for more recruits, who should be able to give Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings to practice. When fully trained the band will be asked to perform from time to time, and will, it is hoped, be a regular feature on official occasions. Miss Dallas has been appointed Secretary, and all inquiries and communications should be addressed to her at 4, Clements Inn.’

Votes for Women April 2, 1909

The Drum and Fife band, led by Edith New's rock throwing compatriot Mary Leigh, marched through the West End, advertising the Women's Exhibition.

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