Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Room with a View

I've photographed the Murray John Tower from Radnor Street Cemetery in all seasons but today I enjoyed a view of the cemetery from the 9th floor of that very same building.

The building, also confusingly known as the Brunel Tower, was opened in 1976 and named after Swindon's visionary Town Clerk David Murray John.

It was Murray John who engineered Swindon's post war development, recognising that the town could not continue to be reliant upon the railway industry alone. It was Murray John who saw Swindon become an overspill town under the Town Development Act of 1952.

Murray John is also credited with saving Lydiard House and Park although it was Cllr Francis Akers who first bought the property for the people of Swindon to protect it from possible private development.

David Murray John served Swindon as Town Clerk for more than 35 years. He died on his 66th birthday May 24, 1974.

The tree lined cemetery on the skyline. Zoom in to catch a glimpse of the corner of the chapel.

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