Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friends of Lydiard Park petition

Well, things have been pretty busy this week with the launch of The Friends of Lydiard Park petition - Swindon Borough Council: Lydiard House and Park at Risk.

Lydiard House and Park is a unique and hugely valued heritage asset used by thousands of Swindon people and visitors to the town. Swindon Borough Council is proposing to hand over the day to day management and control of Lydiard House and Park to an external commercial organisation which will seek to take profit from the site.

Swindon Borough Council say they are doing this to eliminate Lydiard's annual running cost. The Friends of Lydiard Park believe this can be done without handing over the town's 'crown jewels'.

We the undersigned oppose Swindon Borough Council's plans to hand over Lydiard House and Park to the commercial sector.

The first step was to reach 1,500 signatures, which would see the issue of Lydiard House and Park qualify for debate at a full Council Meeting. Then there was a snag ...

On December 1 came news that the head of legal services at SBC thought there may be a procedural problem as the petition referred to 'plans' rather than 'proposals' and might not qualify for a debate. However, later that day came good news and written confirmation that there will be a debate if and when the petition reached 1,500 signatures.

Following council comments in the local media on December 2 surrounding rumours of the building of an hotel, the Friends issued a new 'red line'.

We oppose

Any arrangement or outcome that results in the construction of, or planning application for, an hotel or any other substantial building, multi story or otherwise, on land within the Grade II listed Lydiard Park or its essential setting, as defined in the HLF documentation.

The online petition is being heavily promoted on social media and the signatures continue to add up. The 1,500 figure was quickly smashed and as of 6.30 am Friday, December 4 the number stands at 2,530.

Read the comments and sign the petition at Swindon Borough Council: Lydiard House and Park at Risk.

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