Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Week

The week began with a walk around Lydiard Park in the company of my lovely daughter and granddaughter Maysie. It was fortunate we took advantage of a window in everyone's busy calender as little Maysie has been unwell for the rest of the week.

Lydiard House and the history of the St John family are two subjects close to my heart and the Autumn edition of Swindon Heritage includes a feature on Lady Diana Spencer and her connection to the youngest member of our Royal family, Prince George. Before you all leave comments at the bottom of this post saying 'she's his grandmother,' you need to buy a copy of the magazine. Check out the website for local stockists and how to subscribe. 

On Tuesday I was invited to the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Les Gowing House in Penhill. It was my privilege to talk to some of the 36 residents, most of whom have lived in the Penhill area since the estate was built in the 1950s.  Edie Parsons, who moved in on August 21, 1988 and has lived at Les Gowing House the longest, talked about her life and times and how she was employed in the GWR Rolling Mills during WWII, working 12 hour shifts, two weeks on days and two weeks on nights. Our November edition will include a celebration of all things Penhill.

This week has been one of intense anticipation as we awaited the delivery of the third edition of Swindon Heritage. And as ever Acorn Press have done us proud. As Sue Davies commented on BBC Wiltshire - 'it looks just like a glossy magazine!' You're not wrong there Sue.

Friday evening saw us bagging up the magazines ready for delivery to our fast growing list of subscribers. Postcodes cover a surprisingly large area as we discovered when delivering the May edition, so this time round we have a fool proof plan. (Did I mention we hand deliver free to SN postcodes?) Graham is pictured plotting out a method of delivery to minimise back doubling on ourselves. Let's hope all those little stickers don't drop off the map!

If you see us on our deliveries, stop and say hello! We'll probably have a spare magazine to sell you as well.

Maysie enjoying a drink on the lawn at Lydiard House

Prince George - so what's the Lydiard House connection?

Edie Parsons

From l to r: Pamela, Rene and Johanna.

 Labour Councillor for Penhill and Upper Stratton Paul Baker and his father John

Lovely Les Gowing ladies - left Susan Hewer 'Chief Hygiene Engineer' and Sheltered Housing Officer Tracey Lee, right.

The team - plotting!

The Autumn edition of Swindon Heritage

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