Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Radnor Street Cemetery: A Selected History of a People’s Museum

Written for Radnor Street Cemetery followers and anyone who has an interest in the history of cemeteries and the people who lie in them, this e book is available now via Amazon.

Howses Coppice and Swindon’s Cemetery
We Will Remember Them
Funeral Fashions
James Hinton – Entrepreneur
Henry Smith – Planter
Albert Edward Wentworth and Matthew Henry Bissell
Levi Lapper Morse – Mr Retail
Herbert Marfleet
Esther Swinford – Murdered in the Ship Hotel
Horder Bros – Drapers, Milliners, Mantle Makers and Costumiers
George and Elizabeth House – Social Workers
Charles Haggard – Prisoner of War
Edith Gay Little
William Chambers – builder and funeral director
George and Emma Alley and their seven amazing daughters
Alfred and George Birks
Arthur Joseph Rye – Ironmonger
Elia Isaac Webb – Sign Writer and Artist
Frederick Charles and Marcia Kiddle
James (Raggy) Powell – one of nature’s princes
James Fairbairn – Engine Erector
Plot B2899
Frederick Gee – Plate Layer
Doreen Ind
Charles Normandale and Alfred Hughes – Brothers in Arms
George and Mary Hemsley – a co-operative family
Elizabeth Ann Jefferies – first wife
George Boucher
Harold Morley Starr – Battle of Britain hero
George Adams – Master Pawnbroker
The Butlin family
Celia Morkot – first woman employed in the Swindon Railway Works
Martha Hale
Richard Strange – farmer
Little Freddy Whitby
Samuel Limmex – Ironmonger
James William Price
Joah and Albert Sykes – first settlers in Swindon
James Shopland – another Swindon hero
Robert Laxon – coppersmith
Jason Johnson – homegrown railwayman
Ellis Herbert Pritchett – architect
Charles and William Bond
Charlotte Wilsdon (Andrews) Crimean Nurse
Chiseldon Camp Disaster
William and Henry Wall
William Henry and Susannah Read
William James Pitt
Frederick O’Conor – Secretary of the Mechanics’ Institute Council
Friday Frederick Roberts
William Miles and the XTC Angel
Samuel Chappell – Minister of the Gospel
William Dorling Bavin – Swindon’s War Record
Reuben George – forgotten political hero
Stanley William Ashton – Pilot Officer
Thomas and Susannah Hughes
Walter William Palmer
Thomas Trafford Shipman
Samuel Carlton – Manager of the Locomotive Department
William Medcalf Packer – unfit to serve
William Graham Little – generous benefactor
Preater family – the sacrifice
Richard James Leighfield – builder
James Henry Thomas
William and Georgiana Ormond
Lost Memorials -

'But now it is time to come for a walk with me. The best time to appreciate the beauty of Radnor Street Cemetery is to take a gentle walk in early Spring when the snowdrops spear the cold earth and the view across Swindon is visible through the bare trees.

But come again in early summer when Forget Me Knots and Morning Glory appear and Bluebells peek above the invading horsetail grass. Animal tracks weave through the gravestones and magpies chatter and scream as squirrels jump from tree to tree.

In Autumn the cemetery palette is yellow and red and gold and as the season ends leaves are tugged from the trees and the wind soughs through the creaking branches.

November mist and December frost and occasionally a fall of snow in January complete the changing cemetery panorama.

So, come, take a virtual walk among the memorials of Radnor Street Cemetery with me as your guide. I shall don my raincoat and carry an umbrella as the weather forecast is not good, but you can put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and join me from the comfort of your home.'

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